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Why you should volunteer with the Ankeny Area Democrats:

We can't let criminals prosper, let alone run our country.

Roger Stone.

Michael Flynn.

Paul Manafort.

Rick Gates.

Michael Cohen.

And now, Steve Bannon.

The list of Trump insiders charged with crimes continues to grow. Choosing advisors is not easy. But when many of the key figures in a campaign end up indicted for a variety of serious offenses, the problem lies with the person making the hiring decision. The president has surrounded himself with criminals (Source).

The U.S. Constitution endows the president with broad pardon and clemency powers. Typically, presidents wait until the end of their second terms for politically problematic pardons, but Trump has already used it to protect his allies (Source). A second term for Trump would let him flex his pardon power without worrying about re-election, opening the door to even more egregious criminal activity. We need to send a message that criminals must be held accountable, and at this point, the only way to do that is at the ballot box.

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