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Reason #81: Because the Trump Administration has been one gigantic chili spill.

It would be funny if it weren't so deadly serious, but Donald Trump can't do anything right. For example, you'd think Mr. "Keep America Great" would reserve that domain name, but that didn't quite work out:

The Trump administration has been defined by one failure and broken promise after another. Trump's botched response to COVID has cost thousands of lives and caused unemployment to skyrocket (Source). His border wall is about as short as his attention span (only five new miles), and Mexico hasn't paid a dime for it (Source). His trade wars failed to create manufacturing jobs, and they hurt consumers and Iowa farmers (Source). He didn't drain the swamp, he flooded it with corruption (Source). Even the website, which is a propaganda mouthpiece for Trump, lists all of his accomplishments "As of September 2018." A convenient cut-off point.

Unfortunately, some of Trump's plans succeeded. He pushed through a historic tax cut, which favored the wealthy and ran up a massive federal deficit (Source). He corrupted the role of the Justice Department, turning it into his political tool (Source). He has rammed through partisan judicial appointments, changing the judiciary for at least the next generation (Source). These are wins for Trump, but losses for our country.

Another four years of Donald Trump will only lead to more unprecedented failure and embarrassment. We can't tolerate another chili spill.

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