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Reason #8: Because our kids are watching.

Political debates often seem esoteric and complicated, but at its core, politics is really just about making rules so we can get along with each other. Failure to follow those rules sets a terrible example for the next generation. We can't let a president disrespect the highest office by constantly lying. We can't let an entire political party arbitrarily change the rules when it suits them. Our kids need to know that we have to tell the truth and follow the rules, even if we don't like the outcome.

Also, as serious as they might be, most of the key threats to our country right now are just getting started. Sure, things like climate change and creeping inequality are hurting us today, but the true pain caused by these problems won't really hit until today's babies become adults. And the longer we wait to act, the worse that pain will be. Our kids are watching how we address these problems because they will inherit them from us.

Finally, our kids are watching how we treat each other, and that might have a bigger impact on our future than any law or policy. It is hard to do the right thing when the stakes are so high, when we have a president who has no respect for our shared values, and when we face thugs who tear up our yard signs. But our kids are watching how we treat each other, and we need to show them how to fight for what we believe in without being intimidated, compromising our integrity, or losing sight of all that unites us.

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