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Reason #4: Because we are the helpers.

Do you remember slow news days? Like when "Panda-monium at the zoo" counted as a top story?  Those days don't seem to happen any more.  We just lurch from one scandal or existential threat to another, with little time to reset.

We can't accept this as normal.  But we also can't let ourselves become overwhelmed or neglect our mental health.  So what should we do?  First, take a deep breath. Next, if you can, volunteer.  Anything you can do to help will be a step in the right direction.  And the more you get involved, the more you'll see that there are many kind, thoughtful people in your community who care about our country, who believe in making sacrifices for the greater good, and who will insist that our leaders tell the truth.

Fred Rogers' advice for dealing with trauma is to "look for the helpers." Seeing the good people in the world, and seeing how those good people are getting organized to make the world a better place, gives us hope.  But today's challenges are so great and pervasive that we all need to be the helpers.  We have a lot of very serious messes to clean up, and we may not have a slow news day again for quite a while.  But the helpers are getting organized, and the tide will turn with your help.  Please volunteer today. 

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