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What do I need to know to vote?


After receiving your request form, the county auditor will mail you a ballot.

Ballots are mailed 20 days before election day. Please allow several days for delivery before contacting your county auditor for a replacement or presenting in-person to vote a replacement ballot.

Your ballot will arrive with instructions on how to mark the ballot as well as how to return the ballot.


Vote your ballot, and then follow the instructions included with your ballot to return it in the postage-paid return envelope. It is vital that you utilize the return envelope supplied by the county auditor.

You can:

Mail your ballot so that is received before 8 PM CT on Election Day – June 7


Hand deliver your ballot to your county auditor during business hours or any time up until 8 PM CST on Election Day – June 7


You may designate someone to return your ballot under one of following circumstances:

  • The designee is an immediate family member.

  • The designee is a member of your household.

  • You are disabled and you have designed someone to return your ballot.

Directions and rules for designating someone to return your ballot are included in the official instructions included with your mailed ballot.


Surrender your absentee ballot at your precinct polling place on Election Day and vote a regular ballot


Vote a provisional ballot at the polls on Election Day if you cannot surrender your voted absentee ballot.

Voted absentee ballots cannot be delivered to the polling place on election day.


Did you know you can track the status of your absentee ballot after your request form has been received by the county auditor? Click here to get an update on your ballot’s status.

What are valid forms of ID to show when voting absentee in-person or at the polls on election day?
  • Iowa Voter Identification Card

  • Iowa Driver’s License

  • Iowa Non-Operator ID

  • U.S. Military ID or Veteran ID

  • U.S. Passport

  • Tribal ID Card/Document

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