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Why you should volunteer with the Ankeny Area Democrats:

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The health of our economy, the security of your job, and the value of your retirement savings and house all depend on Joe Biden winning in November.

This is not some liberal fantasy or a scare tactic.  Economists and researchers across the political spectrum have noted that containing the Coronavirus is the most important factor in ensuring an economic recovery.   See here for Goldman Sach's report finding that a mask mandate could save 5% of US GDP (or $1 trillion). See here for Deloitte's report finding that the US economic recovery depends primarily on containing the Coronavirus and continuing economic stimulus. 

Don't look at the overinflated stock market and be fooled into thinking that the broader economy is fine, because it isn't.  And don't fall for the bogus claim that it is the shutdowns, and not the virus, that have caused people to lose jobs.  We can't rebuild our economy and put people back to work until the virus is contained.  Fortunately, other countries have shown us that this is possible with the right leadership.  (See here for global unemployment data).   The Trump administration has failed to make any comprehensive plan to address the Coronavirus.  As the old adage goes, "failing to plan is planning to fail," and that is exactly what we're doing as a country.   Electing Joe Biden won't immediately fix the economy.  But Joe Biden has already put forth more detailed plans and shown more leadership than our current president.  Electing Joe Biden also means we'd have a president who was in charge of the Obama administration's economic recovery team in 2008.  He's not perfect or a superhero, but Joe Biden has seen this type of mess before and can clean it up. Please volunteer to help him get elected.  VOLUNTEER

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