Meet your candidates

On November 2, Ankeny will be holding its municipal election. This will include the school board, city council and Mayoral seats.


The Ankeny Area Democrats are supporting school board candidates Lori Lovstad, Lori Bullock and Shelly Northway. There are three open seats. 

The Ankeny Area Democrats are supporting Mike Moore for Mayor.

The Ankeny Area Democrats are supporting city council candidates Nathan Willard and Bill Lu. There are two open seats. 


All of these candidates support our values and ideals of fairness and progress for all, inclusion and equity. To continue the positive forward growth of our city and school district, we must elect these candidates. 


We encourage you to do your research, volunteer for these campaigns and make your plan to vote! 

Absentee ballots can be requested now at

School Board Candidates

Mayoral Candidate

Lori Lovstad circle.png

Lori Lovstad

Lori Bullock circle.png

Lori Bullock

Mike Moore circle.png
Mike Moore
Shelly  Northway ASB circle.png

Shelly Northway

City Council Candidates

Bill Lu circle.png
Nathan Willard circle.png
Bill Lu
Nathan Willard